Pointe Shoes

In every success, there is a factor and a reason behind it. One of it comes from the dress and any other stuff worn every day. Wearing the outfit that fits perfectly on you somehow uplift and gives confidence which is very effective in achieving the daily goals. In the realm of women, aside from the sparkling jewelry, shoes are a big deal too.

Shoes are something every woman always look unto. Varieties of collections don’t satisfy them easily for women tend to follow what is on trends. Investment on this stuff is no big deal for this is a simple yet effective way of boosting their confidence and somehow brings them happiness. Ladies shoes come in different styles, it may be classic, high heels and even flat shoes. All were essential and effective on having the best outfit and wearing the perfect pair.

Women are naturally engaging with so many things and stuff. They tend to engage themselves even into sports and mostly to dancing. Among the varieties of dances, ballet is the most common. In relation to shoes, this typical form of dance requires a great pointe shoe for them to perform better.

Basically, a pointe shoe is usually worn by the ballerinas. This type of shoe is intentionally made to perform the tip-toe dance where dancers are seemingly weightless over a period of time. Way back 1681, the standard ballet shoes comes with heels but long after, in the mid-century, the ballet shoes were made without heels making it easier and convenient to wear. From then on, pointe shoes are flat and designed with ribbons and pleats under the toes giving the ballerinas a better performance provided with the flexible turns and amazing leaps.

Truly, watching ballerina doing their amazing stunts and dancing beautifully is mesmerizing. It is evident from their gestures that they are well trained and well-practiced. They dance with the passion but nevertheless, the main factor of their amazing performance lies behind their shoes. Thus, they need to have the perfect fit and the most convenient pointe shoe.

Pointe shoe must be made with the highest quality materials and the components should be properly created to have the ideal shoe a ballerina should have. Basically, the pointe shoe is built around the hammered sole making it sturdy enough. The fabrics are sewed properly by the seamstresses before handing it over to the shoemaker. Afterward, it should be paste in around the shoe and the pleats should be done carefully where the bottom of the toe box and the fabric are filled with tools. It should be sewed appropriately so that the finish became more sturdy yet flexible.

The shoe should be straight lasted where there is no right or left, in other words, it should be built individually and not in pairs unlike on the usual shoe making. It will be paired only with its sizes and designs such as the color.

Thus, women are an avid shoe lover, no matter how much it will cost as long as it satisfies their needs and gives them the best look they could ever have had. They would never be doubt of collecting more!



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